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Enrollment-NEW Student Enrollment 

Welcome to Christ Classical Academy's Admissions! 

Dear Parent:

Thank you for your interest in Christ Classical Academy. In order to apply, please complete the following steps:

  1. Submit Student Application (one per student) 

  2. Request a copy of school records from previously attended school (Request Records form below)

  3. Student's birth certificate and immunization records.  (If child is entering Kindergarten, a Kindergarten Health Assessment will need to be submitted.)
  4. Three recommendation letters to be mailed directly to Christ Classical Academy from the person completing the recommendation. (There are no letters required for Transitional Kindergarten and only two letters required for homeschool students applying)

  • Teacher Recommendation (1st -12th grade) (Not for homeschool students)

  • Principal/Guidance Counselor Recommendation (1st -12th grade) (not for homeschool students)

  • Spiritual Leader or Personal Recommendation (K-12th grade) (homeschool students need both)

      5. Submit all paperwork showing any: academic disability diagnosis, medical diagnosis, or court ordered custody 

Once all these items are received, we will review your student application and contact you to schedule a placement test for your child/ren ($35/child). In order to be admitted, your child will be required to test on grade level.

A family Registration Fee ($250 for full time students and part time students taking 4 or more classes. $175 for part time students taking 1-3 classes) will be required before the student placement test will be scheduled. The Registration Fee is a processing fee and is non-refundable.


To begin the NEW Student Application, please fill out and submit the form  below:

 Pay my Family Registration Fee- (This is required to hold a spot for your child.  Your enrollment will not be complete until the Family Registration is paid.)

By paying the Family Registration you are holding your child's spot in a grade level/class.  The Registration Fee is a processing fee and is non-refundable.  Once we receive your child's application, they will be placed on a waiting list until we receive the Registration Fee at which time they will be moved to a class roster. Please carefully read CCA's Financial Policy stated on the application before submitting it.  The policy states there will be no refund of tuition for students who leave Christ Classical Academy for any reason including if they are expelled for disciplinary purposes or any violation of School Policies and the remainder of the school year's tuition will be required to be paid.   The reason this is necessary is due to the fact that CCA's budget is tuition based and not government subsidized and teacher salaries and all working expenses are budgeted dependent upon your tuition commitment. 

If you need to withdraw your child after disclosing your intent to CCA, you must contact us immediately. You will then be able to withdraw your child within 5 days of contacting us, up to August 1st but the registration fee will not be refunded. You will not be responsible for the full year's tuition prior to August 1st.

Family Registration Fee for:  (You may pay your family registration fee: 1.) below electronically and a 3.5% Fee will be automatically added to the total or 2.) you may mail or bring in a check or cash to the school office without being charged a fee.

  •  Full Time Student/s (including all TK options)- $250

  • Part Time Student taking 4 or more classes-$250

  • Part Time Student taking 1-3 classes (TK students are NOT considered part time students)- $175


Use the "Buy Now" button to pay your Registration Fee with Paypal! (Please be advised that by choosing the option below to pay electronically, a 3.5% fee will be added to the total.)
Choose your Family Option
Student's Name/s applied to:


Once you have completed the above application and submitted the form, you will need to be sure to print the Request of Records and take it to your previously attended school so they can release school records to CCA.  Also, print off the Recommendation forms and give to the proper people to complete and return to:

Christ Classical Academy

PO Box 70

Rutherford College, NC 28671


Choose either the Spiritual Leader OR the Personal Recommendation NOT both unless you are a homeschool student:

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If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us! Please be advised that you must submit an email or phone number in order for us to be able to contact you.