Uniform Policy




The wearing of uniforms at CCA accomplishes a number of valuable objectives.  Uniforms instill in students a sense of belonging and loyalty to the school community.  Student behavior and productivity are generally improved when students wear uniforms.  Wearing a prescribed uniform helps de-emphasize fashion consciousness and diminishes tendencies to form socioeconomic cliques.  Most families find that purchasing uniforms costs less than buying the typical student wardrobe and uniforms help reduce family conflicts over what to buy and what to wear.  Uniforms serve a practical purpose of safety since students are easily identifiable on field trips and persons not in uniform are easily spotted on our campus.  Finally, uniforms look nice and help create a positive impression of our students and our school within the community. 

The CCA uniform must be worn appropriately, with shirts tucked in for boys, sleeves and collars buttoned, etc.  The uniform should be clean and neat at the beginning of each day.  Uniforms must fit properly and be modest in appearance.  The consequences for wearing the incorrect uniform or for wearing a uniform inappropriately will be considered as a disciplinary action.

 CCA has made a conscious effort to have a relaxed uniform policy, but it is expected to be adhered to strictly.

 CCA Modesty Dress Code:

 ·        To honor God and uphold the way He created boys and girls differently, uniforms will be distinctly feminine for girls and distinctly masculine for boys. Please follow these guidelines at all times while on campus or off campus or when at any CCA event or function.

 ·        Girls may purchase a feminine cut, but tight-fitting clothing is not allowed.  If clothing becomes too tight throughout the year it is required to be replaced. Shirts should not reveal midriff even when bending or raising arms. Shirts cannot be tied up or altered with fads.

 ·        Belts- Required for boys in K-12th grade (TK not required to wear belts). 

Boys: A brown or black leather looking belt must be worn with uniform.  5-12th grade ONLY-Suspender option-5-12th grade boys my choose to wear suspenders instead of belt only on chapel days.

Boy's shirts must be worn tucked in at all times. (This includes all dress days-Informal, Chapel, Dress Down, special attire days, etc)

Girls: Belt is optional. If belt is worn it must be brown or black leather looking.  No ornaments for boys or girls on belts. 

All skorts/skirts/jumpers must touch the knee, as defined by the crease in the back of the knee.  We understand throughout the year the students grow in height.  Once a skort/skirt/jumper reaches 2 inches above the knee when standing it needs to be replaced.  It is also unacceptable for skorts/skirts to be rolled up in order to shorten the length to higher than required length.

 ·        No Cargo or Carpenter style pants, shorts, or skorts are allowed for boys or girls.   

 ·        P.E. uniforms are required for all children in grades 5-12th. TK-4th will participate in PE but will not dress out in a PE uniform. Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn to PE. 

 ·       Students may be asked to remove accessories that are distracting or inappropriate at the Administrator’s request.

 ·        CCA hoodies and fleeces may be worn at any time.  All other non-CCA outerwear cannot be worn in the building.  (i.e. large winter jackets, etc.)

 ·        Students may wear any uniform choice in any combination of top with any bottom daily with the exception of formal day (i.e. shorts may be worn in winter or long sleeve in summer).

 ·        Undershirts or camisoles may be worn and must be solid white, gray or match color of top and be tucked in.  No lace or emblems.  Undershirt sleeves cannot show beneath shirt.

 ·       Boots, Slides, Clogs, Sandals, Flip flops, Open Toe, High Tops or shoes with a slipper appearance are not allowed for boys or girls.

 Accessories and Hair Coloring:

  1. All jewelry must be worn modestly. Earrings and bracelets should not be distracting.  Boys may not wear earrings. Students may be asked to remove jewelry at the Administration’s request.
  2. Hair colorings must be modest and natural in appearance.
  3. No head coverings may be worn at school (i.e.- bandanas, hats, kerchiefs, etc.)  Hats may be worn at specific functions as directed by the school.
  4. No visible tattoos (temporary or permanent) are allowed.
  5. Hair styles must not be hanging down in the eyes for girls or boys. Boys hair should be above the eyebrows, cover no more than half the ear, and off the collar. 

 Monthly “Dress Down” Thursday:

One Thursday each month (usually first school attended Thursday of the month unless otherwise designated by the Administrator) will be designated as “Dress Down Thursday”.  On these days, students may wear blue jeans (or any uniform bottoms) and PE uniform shirt, CCA Spirit wear or any optional uniform shirt.  Belts are optional. The jeans must fit properly (no baggies, no holes, no skinny jeans, no jeggings, no appliqués, no embellishments, no dazzles, not too tight).  Boys Shirts must be tucked into the jeans and normal uniform shoes must be worn.  Should a student choose not to participate in the “Dress Down” Thursday, he must wear his normal uniform on that day.  Any student who chooses not to abide by the stated guidelines for “Dress Down” days may be prohibited from participating in future days as deemed appropriate by the administration.  These days are meant to be a fun alternative for the students and we expect everyone to respect those intentions by abiding by the guidelines.

 REQUIRED FORMAL UNIFORM:   (To be worn on chapel days)

All Students TK-12th grade are required to wear formal uniforms appropriate on announced Chapel days.  If Chapel is not scheduled, any uniform choice can be worn.