Tuition & Fee Schedule

It is our goal at Christ Classical Academy (CCA) to offer as many students as possible the opportunity to have a Christian, classical education.  As an independent, private school we do not receive government funding nor are we affiliated or financially supported by a church.  All expenses of the school including everyday working expenses, programs, enrichment, technology, utilities, etc. come from the tuition of the students enrolled at CCA. We work to balance honoring GOD with our finances while keeping tuition low and reasonable for each student. 


Full Time Student Fee Schedule

Registration Fee:  The registration fee is paid per family with first application and each successive year at enrollment.

  • Registration Fee per Family (due with application; non-refundable)                                               $250

Book Fee: The book fee covers textbooks and classroom reproducible material.

  • Book Fee per Student (included in 1st invoice)  K-12th Grade                                                            $230
  • TK Book Fee per TK student (included in 1st invoice)                                                                           $100

Testing Fee:  New Student Placement tests are done in house                                                                    $35

  • Placement test to assess appropriate grade level, required for all new students in

          K-12th grade (Not required for TK)

Miscellaneous Fees: (included in 1st invoice)

  • Activity Fee (TK-3rd)                                                                                                                                    $  45
  • Activity Fee (4-12th)                                                                                                                                    $  55
  • Band, Sports & Extracurricular (per class/sport)                                                                                  $ 15-$40
  • High School classes with Labs (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy)                                                           $15-$30

Tuition Fees: The chart below details tuition charges.  Tuition is discounted when multiple children from the same family are enrolled.  Calculate using the oldest child as the first child, the second oldest as the second child, etc..  Payments will be invoiced in full or monthly July 1st to May 1st or evenly over the months remaining in that 12 month period if registration is completed after July 1st.

Multiple Child Discount       2nd Child=$10% off original tuition

                                                 3rd Child=25% off original tuition

                                                 4th & up Child=50% off original tuition


Full Time Student  Tuition

Full Time Student Tuition Schedule

*Transitional Kindergarten for 2, 3 or 4 day options are all half day programs from 7:50am-11:50am.

*Kindergarten is a full day program from 7:50am-3:00pm.

*1st Grade-11th Grade school hours: 7:50am-3:00pm.      *12th grade school hours vary depending upon pathway of choice.


1st Born


2nd Born


3rd Born Child

4th Born Child +

Trans. Kindergarten-2 day*





Trans. Kindergarten-3 day*





Trans. Kindergarten-4 day*










1st - 4th grade





5th – 8th grade





9th -12th grade






*CCA offers a 5% discount for those who pay tuition and fees on or before the first day of school.

Payment Plan Options


First Day Plan- Pay in tuition in full on or before the first day of school and receive a 5% discount on the full year tuition.  If payment is not received by the first day of school, CCA will automatically change your plan to Plan C with no discount.  (First invoice in August)

Combo Plan- Pay 40% of the total tuition plus all fees (Book Fee, Activity Fee, etc.) on or before the first day of school and pay the balance of tuition in 4 equal monthly payments September- December 15th and receive a 2.5% discount on the year tuition. (First invoice in August will include 40% of tuition and all fees)

Semester Plan- Pay 1st Semester of the total tuition plus all fees (Book Fee, Activity Fee, etc.) on or before the first day of school.  Pay the 2nd Semester's tuition by January 1st.

Monthly Plan-Pay monthly payments beginning July 1st  (or in equal payments at time of acceptance to CCA if after July 1st) Payments due on the 1st of each month. (First invoice will be July 1st and will include 1st month tuition and all fees.) 

Payment Options-Cash, Check, Credit Card-a 3.5% fee will be added to your account if you would like to pay with a credit card ($10 late fee charged to account if more than 10 days late and $30 fee for insufficient check funds) 


Part-time Student Fee Schedule and Tuition

Registration Fee: The registration fee is paid with student application each year. 

  • Registration Fee:  If part-time student has no other siblings at CCA and is the only child from family enrolled at CCA taking no more than 3 classes.                                                                                                                                                                                                $175 
  • Registration Fee: If part-time student has not other siblings at CCA and is taking 4 or more classes.                               $250                                                                                  

Book Fee:  The book fee covers textbooks, replacements, and classroom reproducible material

  • Book Fee: Per class (if class has required textbooks/material) Will be included in July 1st Invoice.                      $Price dependent on classes taken                                                                                                                

Testing Fee:  New Student Placement tests are done in house                                                                                                            $35

  • Placement test to assess appropriate grade level, required for all new students in K-10th grade
  • (Not Required for TK)

Miscellaneous Fees:  per child (included in July 1st invoice) This fee only applies to part-time students who will participate in field trips and Community service projects.

  • Activity Fee: (TK-3rd)                                                                                                                                                                             $45
  • Activity Fee: (4th-12th)                                                                                                                                                                          $55
  • High School classes with Lab (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy)                                                                                                     $15-$40

Multiple Child Discounts: Multiple Child Discounts do not apply to part-time students.


1 class

2 classes

3 classes

4 classes

5 classes

Study Halls








1st -4th







5th – 8th







9th – 12th







                                         Part-Time Student Tuition

Part time students choose the subjects/classes they would like to attend. Once enrolled the student will attend the class each day Monday-Thursday during the scheduled times.  Should an undesired class fall between enrolled classes the child will need to take a study hall to fill the time slot.



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