Welcome CCA parents, families and students!

We are excited and ready to introduce our new online lunch ordering system that will simplify ordering and keeping track of lunches!  Once you easily create an account, you can then go online to order lunches!  You will get a detailed reminder via email the day before letting you know what your child ordered for the following day.   

Please follow the following steps to set up your family’s Munchalunch account:

  1. Go to this link that will be posted on our CCA website under the “Munch-a-Lunch”  tab


  1. Follow the instructions to add your child/children to your account

  1. You will first enter one child’s order and submit, then you will be prompted to enter any additional children.  If you are a teacher or staff member who would like to order lunch, enter your name when prompted to “add a child” and continue the process.

  1. Be sure to submit and enter your payment.  If you do not complete the payment process, your lunch order will not go through.  Once the orders are closed, we will not be able to process any late orders.  For example, this two week order period is from October 4th-14th.  All orders must be submitted and PAID IN FULL by the Wednesday prior to the last lunch date.  In this case the first order date will be closed on September 29th at midnight.  This allows us time to process orders and checks, as well as give our vendors ample notice. 

  1. Payment will be made each order period via CREDIT CARD or CHECK.  If you pay via credit card, once your order is submitted you will receive an email reminder of the lunches you placed.  If you are going to be paying by check, please be sure that check is given to your child’s teacher.  They will put all checks in the lockbox in the office and we will process those manually.  If you are able to pay via credit card please consider this as your first option.  If you must pay by check you will order online as instructed above and there will be an option at the end to submit and pay by check.  It is your responsibility to make sure the check is submitted to the office on that same cut off date for ordering (unless there is a change that date will always be the Wednesday before the lunches are to start that following week.)  For this first order that is September 29th.  

  1. If you have any questions, please contact April Zook at 502-403-9169 via TEXT message or email me at april9425@gmail.com.  

  1.  We appreciate your patience and support as we begin this new way of ordering lunches!  Always keep in mind that once your order is submitted or the date for ordering has closed, we will not be able to make changes.