Uniform Policy

 Logic/Rhetoric Boys’ (5th – 12th grade) Uniforms:

 CCA desires to keep a high standard to honor the Lord in all we do, including uniform choices.  Uniforms allow students to have fewer distractions in class.

Logic Boys’ Informal/Everyday Uniforms: Any combination of the following items may be worn year-round except for designated Chapel days.  Informal/Everyday uniforms may be worn on days when Chapel is not scheduled.

o   Polo:  long or short sleeve, with collar, solid colors only, cotton material (NO pockets, no dry wicking material, brand name emblems) must be worn tucked in(any vendor)

o   Long pants- Navy or Khaki, (Khaki cannot be worn for chapel) pleated or flat front, classic or boot cut (NO skinny, cargo, holes, rips, embellishments) (any vendor)

o   Short- Navy or Khaki, pleated or flat front (NO skinny, cargo, holes, rips, embellishments) (any vendor)

o   Belt-Black or Brown leather-like (no ornaments) All boys must wear belts (any vendo)

o   Socks- must be visible and worn with tennis shoe (NO characters, outlandish designs or sayings)socks need to either match their shoes or uniform shirt. (any vendor)

o   Shoes-(any vendor)

§  Tennis shoes-(NO characters, light-ups or outlandish designs) no high tops

§  Sperry style/deck shoe

*No boot

o   Formal Chapel Uniform-may also be worn on Informal days

Logic Boys’ Formal Chapel Uniforms:  Must be worn on designated Chapel days year-round.  Chapel uniforms may be worn on other days besides Chapel.

o   Oxford shirt-Long or short sleeved button up white only, must be tucked in (any vendor)

o   Pants- Navy only, pleated or flat front (NO skinny, cargo, holes, rips, embellishments) (any vendor)

o   Socks-solid color, match shoe or pant, must be mid-calf or higher (NO white socks or ankle socks) (any vendor)

o   Tie-any color solid or striped, bow or regular neck tie, hand tied (NO clip-ons) (any vendor)

o   Belt -Black or Brown leather-like (no ornaments) All boys must wear belts or suspenders (any vendor)

*Suspender (Optional)-you may wear navy suspenders instead of a belt on Chapel days only!

o   Dress Shoe -Navy blue, brown or black, mock loafer type or dress lace-up type (NO tennis shoes) 

*Students need to bring other shoes to change into for recess or PE on Chapel days.  Students will change back into Chapel shoes when returning to the classroom.


Outerwear:  CCA Hoodies, or Fleeces may be worn at any time.  Non-CCA coats must be removed upon entering the classroom. 

o   CCA Fleece Jacket with CCA logo (Debbie's Embroidery)

o   CCA Hoodies-pullover or zipped with CCA logo (Debbie's Embroidery)

Debbie's  Embroidery Contact Information:
Call or Text: (828) 475-2709
Hours: Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Email: hello@debbiesemb.com
Address: 605 South College Street, Morganton, NC 28655

PE Class:  

o   Grey round collar t-shirt-with or without a pocket can be cotton or dry wicking material

o   Navy gym shorts –Champion or Everlast style with a 7 inch or more inseam

o  Tennis shoes-no high tops