Academic Success Program

Academic Success Vision Statement:

To nurture children with special needs in a supportive environment, teaching them with individual strategies that will enhance the way God created them to learn, while promoting independence.

God’s Word says everyone is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), “created in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27), and that the Lord provides a “future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). We believe this to be true for all students, including those who process information in a different way.

“The special need child’s humanity, or any child’s humanity for that matter, must determine the education he receives. If taught slowly, patiently, and systematically, even those children who are identified with or suspected of having “special learning needs” can receive a substantial, elevating, and beautiful education. Simple modifications, such as allowing a slower pace, extra review, and oral answers, will not take away from the beautiful elements of a classical education. Truth and goodness will prevail despite our own frailties and those of the students. Everyone has challenges, most of which remain our entire lives. Our role is not to fix each other but to love and serve one another. With classical pedagogy and the Holy Spirit working through God’s Holy Word, classical Christian education, even when simply modified, provides the beautiful means by which any child can be educated for temporal and eternal life.” (Swope, Cheryl. Simply Classical Memoria Press, 2013)

CCA Requirements for Eligibility into the Academic Success Program:

      Student must be entering Kindergarten or First grade

      Student must have a mild to high functioning moderate disability that allows them to remain in a regular education setting for a portion of the day. (CCA is not equipped to handle some moderate to severe disabilities. A determination will be made by the CCA Academic Success Team.)

      Student must complete a grade level placement test and an Academic Success observation on site to show evidence of the ability to function in a regular education classroom unassisted for a portion of the day.

      Eligibility Determination for NC Individual Education Plan (IEP) through a public school or licensed private testing facility dated within the last 3 years.

      A current Eligibility form (DEC 3 or ECAT) or Psychological evaluation showing diagnosis from a licensed private testing facility dated within the last 3 years.

      Copy of complete testing results submitted to CCA for child’s records

      It is required that testing remain current.  If testing is expired and re-evaluation is not completed, the child will forfeit the possibility to remain in the program.

In the Academic Success Program, students will be provided with the individual support to assist the child in achieving the highest level of individual success possible through a variety of forms, such as:

      Realistic expectations considering given disability

      Emphasis / Positive reinforcement of strengths

      Ordered / Structured environment: such as but not limited to picture schedules, colored coded materials, check lists

      Modifications: such as but not limited to assignments in smaller chunks, extended time to complete assignments, assignments read to students, oral answers accepted, additional review

      Accommodations: such as but not limited to special lined paper, seat cushions, reading “window” card, pencil gripper, movement during recitations, visual timer

      Sensory modifications: such as but not limited to noise reduction headphones, slant board, weighted lap belt, visual path or seat assignment

      The Academic Success teacher and regular education staff will plan and work closely together. Regular education classroom teachers will be given assistance with accommodations they can use in their class in order for the Academic Success students to achieve the highest level of success.


Two levels of support that are available through the CCA Academic Success Program:

(Students could receive one or both options at any time throughout the year the Academic Support Teacher/Team deems necessary.)

      Focus classes: A student will be pulled out of the regular education classroom and receive 2 or more hours in a smaller class setting where students are given direct, specialized instruction and academic remediation in the area impacted by their disability.  Students will still need to be able to independently function in a regular education setting for a portion of the day.

      Support classes: Students will remain in the regular education classroom the entire day.  The Academic Success Teacher will go into the student’s classroom and offer academic support to the student for 1 hour to assist students with individual learning goals and accommodations. This support will offer the Academic Success student the opportunity to achieve the highest individual level of success with the CCA general education curriculum.


A student enrolling in the Academic Success program is expected to pay their grade level tuition plus added Academic Success tuition and Fees.  Please review the 2023-2024 Academic Support Tuition & Fees as well as the CCA Financial Policy for a detailed breakdown of policies and cost. (You can find it under the tuition tab.)

To enroll in the program, fill out an application and mark you desire to enroll and we will contact you to start the admissions process.

Financial assistance is available from the NC State Education Authority Assistance (NCSEAA) through a program called ESA+ which provides scholarships to the family in the amount of up to $9,000 a year, and will cover expenses related to educating a child with a disability. This grant is offered to the parent and not to Christ Classical Academy. 

NCSEAA Dates to Remember: Application for the ESA+ program opens February 1, 2023. The priority deadline is March 1. The application process will remain open after March 1 for families to submit applications but will be subject to the availability of funds.

If you think you are eligible and would like more information, please visit the NCSEAA K12 ESA+ Program site at